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I believe you can get everything in life you want if you help enough other folks get what they want, as quoted from See You at the very top by Zig Zigler.

12. Start on time and keep it on schedule: Respect peoples time. If the presentation is suppose to at a certain time, then start it at that time. Try to end your webinar on time unless you are getting a lot of engagement from the attendees, then keep going as long as you have to.

Include a resource box with your article that will send traffic back to your website or blog. Don’t be shy in your resource box telling your audience why you are the best in your industry.

Be on time. Yes, your boss knows that you’re working on your practice plans during department meetings…but it’s another thing altogether if you’ve got a one-on-one meeting with them and you’re late. We’re all busy, we’ve all got important things on our plates…but being late implies that your stuff is more important than their stuff. Not cool, dude.

I can’t stand being on Webinar Jeo where the presentation is entirely scripted and rehearsed, and no one even reads my question. You shouldn’t let questions run the call or distract you, but definitely respond to them when they come in.

Think of your audience. Who are they and what are they struggling with? Your event is all about your audience. Your workshop topic is geared toward solving your audience’s problems. Your venue is chosen with your audience’s comfort in mind. Close your eyes and think of what your event looks like, the audience’s excitement and the feel of your event. Once you have that vision, you can start working to make it a reality.

Make sure that you stay within the limits when using craigslist. To help you out, you can follow my 3 step procedure for using craigslist on one of my posts. When you first start using Craigslist make sure you follow these steps to the “T”. These steps will guarantee to help you get leads.